The personal data we collect

Personal Data provided by you. From the point of registration of your account with EMO & Co, we will collect and process your personal data. This includes particulars you disclose in our application form or in our EMO & Co ecommerce platform.

What we use your personal data for

EMO CLOTHING only uses and processes your Personal Data for purposes relating to EMO & Co services and for the other business activities of EMO CLOTHING including without limitation:

  • To assess and process your request for our services and products;
  • To communicate with you (including for troubleshooting purposes or customer support);
  • To carry out market analysis and research, and customer profiling to gauge market trends;
  • Or internal administrative purposes;
  • To send you information, updates or other materials on our products or services, upcoming events or promotions which may interest you; and
  • To provide information to regulatory and governmental authorities or other persons in compliance with its obligations under law.